Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It's Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus!

I went up to Boston to visit my friend Laura recently, and it ended up being the day of the Red Sox parade...not spectacular for two Yankee fans. We didn't go to the parade but did try to catch the duck boats on the Charles River.
Even though they never came even remotely near us it was still an outrageously gorgeous day.
And we met some really cute die hard Sox fans.
This is just a small glimpse of what the city looked like....after the parade mind you.
And these are all the soon-to-disappointed peeps when the duck boats stay one mile away.
After the duck boats disappointed us, we headed to Salem and spent the afternoon doing a bit of sightseeing. I'm convinced this was a fake graveyard. Laura's convinced it's real. We're still undecided on that (wink).
We saw the Bewitched statue...
And an actual witch....I guess.
Then after debating our Salem plan over a few beers, we decided that the best plan of attack would be to find all the places from the amazing Hocus Pocus movie. So without further adieu, here they are.

The Salem Town Hall:
In the movie they have the Halloween party here and it's where the Sanderson sisters sing "I Put A Spell On You."
Then we went to Allison's house. Or, you know, some actual person's house.
In the movie this is where Dani tells Allison that her brother Max likes her "yabos." Classic. Nothing better than throwing your brother under the bus :)
This is SUPPOSEDLY the cottage of the Sanderson sisters. I'm not sure I believe it. It's now some weird museum.
This was the sign in front of the house and I just thought it was pretty.
Then we headed to another area of town by the water to find Max's house.

This is what happened when I told Laura to "point at the house...."
Ok, take two. This time don't pick my nose please.
Yes...definitely Max's house!
This I just thought was comical. If you've seen the movie you'll understand. If not, then drop everything you're doing, go back in time to when you were old enough to watch movies and watch it every single Halloween six times. Got it?
We hit golden hour so I took 10,000 photos.
Let's end with this one.
So that was my brief trip to Boston/Salem last weekend. Thanks Laura for a wonderful time!


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