Thursday, November 7, 2013

So.....this happened...

Remember when I told you back in April I couldn't finish the living room until we got couches? Well, we did it...we finally bit the bullet.

We saved up, waited for a good sale, and snagged these beauties. A sofa and a loveseat.

It was time...look what we were dealing with. It was getting embarrassing. I mean, these were around twenty years old, they've done their time.

You must be she crazy? White couches? With a dog? And a husband!?! No, I'm not crazy, and here's why...

First, they are slipcovered, so in the event that they get dirty, which I'm sure will be alllll the time, I can wash the covers. I did a lot of research on this and it seems that most people that have white couches actually think they're easier to clean than upholstered sofas. If there's one chore I actually enjoy, it's laundry. Thanks Mom.

Second, we bought them at Raymour & Flanigan, who offers a 5 year protection plan on furniture. If we get any stains whatsoever on them, we can call them and they'll take care of it. If they can't get the stain out they'll replace the cover. I mean....seriously??? That makes getting white sofas a much easier decision. R&F, you had me at hello.

I am planning to get a nice dog cover for the sofa anyway, although we're convinced that Oats will take one sniff and lay everywhere but on the cover.

Here's the room before:
And here's the room now:
It's been gloomy out so there wasn't a lot of sunlight and I had to take these with the lights on. Thanks a lot rain. If it's pretty out tomorrow I'll update this post, mmmmkay?
We are going to have the corner chair slipcovered, and a new coffee table is coming....stay tuned :)

P.S. The old sofa and loveseat didn't go far - we now have a seating area in our dining room. As much as I'm kinda diggin' that, if anyone would like dibs on the old ones for a basement or something, please let me know :)


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