Friday, January 10, 2014


Like I said in my last post, this year I'm committing to slowing down and refocusing on myself and my goals, so that's what these are about. I just made a few simple ones.

1. Read more books 
I already started - halfway through one I bought and I checked a couple more out of the library. I should just stop here and be at 100% completion of my goals for the year. Nahhh that would be too easy...

2. Spend more time with friends
Also already started. Looking forward to this one the most.

3. Take more pictures
Is that even possible? Oh yeah...everything's possible :)

4. Get health insurance
Oh yeah...that old chestnut.

5. Run
After I accomplish #4 and get my ankle fixed, this will happen. Get ready Oats.

6. Learn a new skill
Let's see what kind of craziness I come up with.

7. Pray every day
I've found in the past that this is the best way to heal.

8. This one's a secret...but I can't wait to share it :)

I believe that if I relax, stop rushing to figure everything out, and focus on little things that make me happy, the rest will eventually fall into place. That's what this year's resolutions are about...except the insurance. That one's just smart. Oh and now a legal obligation too I guess...thanks a lot Obama.

Happy January. Happy resolution-ing. Happy New Year :)


AJ said...

Jen - I had someone tell me that C25K is a great app to help you get running for a 5K

Jen said...

Haha can the app fix my busted ankle?!?

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