Thursday, February 20, 2014

For the Love of Winter

Y'all know I wasn't the biggest fan of living in South Carolina. Like how I intro'ed that with y'all? I'm hilarious.

After living there for two years there I made the decision to return to New England because I love it here. Yet I realized recently that I spend three months of every year being miserable....basically waiting for warmer weather. Stupid right? When I was little I loved winter. What's not to love as a kid? Building snowmen, sledding, tubing, throwing snowballs at your brother, drinking hot chocolate, and of course...SNOW DAYS.

But as an adult, I've hated it. I've sat inside grumbling and waiting for spring. Well this year I got sick of waiting...sick of wasting three months of every year not enjoying myself. So I decided to live the shit outta this winter, and it has strangely given back to me by teaching me some ironically timed life lessons and conquered fears, so I thought I'd share.
For one I started driving again. I know that sounds ridiculous but after my 2004 accident where I totaled my very first car, I have been terrified of snowy roads. I figured after ten years it was about time I did something about that, so this year I just started driving again. I have all-wheel drive for a reason, right? So during the first blizzard of the year....I went out. In the middle of it. And I was fine. So....fear conquered. BAM. Take that winter.

For two I started winter hiking. Oats is thrilled.

I've always loved hiking in summer but never went in the snow before. Holy hell. I almost don't wanna tell anyone how wonderful it is cause then it will ruin part of why I love it. Here's the two reasons it's already better than summer hiking:
1. No people
2. No bugs
Also, you don't have to carry water cause you can eat the snow. Whaaaat?!? Who just said that? Gross!  ;)
Plus, look at these photos. It's insanely gorgeous and peaceful. Sorry the case of hiking and in the case of the Olympics, winter kicks your ass.

And for three, I started skiing.
Yes I did and yes it rocks my world. I just decided one day that I was sick of saying I wanted to learn but not doing anything about it, so I drove to the mountain and took me some lessons. The first day I was all....whyyyy would anyone do this?? But the second day it clicked. And I might be a little addicted already. I'm still terrible but I don't care. Plus the life lessons in skiing are so many it actually gets comical:
Thanks to Pinterest for the little quote pictures.

You're going to fall. It's gonna hurt and sometimes it's gonna be embarrassing. And sometimes it's hard to get up. But just like in life, you have to get up and keep going...keep trying. You can't sit in the middle of the mountain. Or bunny hill for me.

I also learned that sometimes you need to just be outside alone in a beautiful place to get a little perspective and a little peace. Hiking,'s all the same. Sometimes you take a wrong path, sometimes you fall, sometimes it's hard and sometimes you get tired. So, you take a deep breath, relax for a moment, and carry on. Life waits for no one. It's all just so goddamn symbolic it's funny.

Other random crap I've learned recently: 
- Despite all my efforts to hate her, I love Taylor Swift. I actually had a dream last night she and I were friends. Could happen. Also on my playlist lately...OneRepublic and Christina Perri. It's nice when music just gets you.

- I love Jimmy Fallon but I'm too old to stay up til midnight every night. Thank God for YouTube.

- I am going to be devastated when the Olympics are over. And I totally love Charlie & Meryl. They are adorbs.

- Mark Wahlberg used to be a rapper. Yes I genuinely just learned that. Blew my mind.

- I need snowshoes. We'll save that for next winter. Along with ice dancing. I'll conquer those next year.

- It feels great to blog again :)

Hope y'all (ending the post how I started it) are enjoying the winter as much as I am. If not, go outside and try to soak it in. Make a snow angel. Go for a hike. Throw a snowball at your brother. Any of those will help heal your winter blues. I promise.


AJ said...

Great post! totally agree about winter hiking…just wonder why I have to keep reminding myself every winter to venture out there in the cold – lol – so unbelievably peaceful (I think the snow absorbs sound or something). Could you add snowboarding to your list for next year? Always wanted to try but think I’m just too darn old at this point :o)

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